Agadir Men: Barber Spotlight Victor Mendoza

Agadir Men: Barber Spotlight Victor Mendoza

Photo Credit: Victor Mendoza

This month's spotlight is on barber, photographer, and videographer, Victor Mendoza. We sat down to learn about his journey into his multiple creative talents and what Agadir Men means to him.

Here's what we learned.


    How long have you been a barber?
    I'll be two years in the industry on July 18th and I'm starting school in September.

      What inspired you to get into the industry?
      I used to draw haircut designs for my mentor to perform on me. He saw my potential and encouraged me into the industry.

      How did you become a barber?
      I was a canvas at the first and second Jersey Shore Barber Battle in Asbury Park, NJ, and I pictured myself competing. From there I bought my first pair of clippers from eBay and started cutting my little brother's hair in my mom's basement. I would do free cuts until someone gave me five dollars.

      I didn't do it for the money, but for the experience to keep bettering myself. After that I used social media and to demonstrate my before and after haircuts to show my followers my talent.

      What were some challenges you faced in your journey to becoming a barber?
      Some challenges I faced in my journey was time. I used to take almost three hours on a haircut because I didn't know how it was supposed to look and I've always been a perfectionist. There were time where I would lose hope when I wasn't getting any bookings, but I didn't give up-- even when it was difficult. I actually quit my job to become a full-time barber.

      Photo Credit: Victor Mendoza


      What were some rewarding aspects in your journey?
      The rewarding aspects in my journey was creating for myself and inspiring others. It makes me feel blessed when people notice how far I've come into the industry in just a short amount of time.

      What are some challenges you face while barbering?
      Some challenges I face while barbering are managing appointments, arrival times, and adapting to different hair textures.

      What do you like most about being a barber?
      What I like most about being a barber is seeing the transformation and reactions my supporters get after their haircut. I like restoring confidence. Most importantly, what I like about being a barber is being a part of beauty shows, networking, and expanding my craft.

      When did you become a photographer and videographer?
      My mother used to be a videographer. But I was more into photography when my friend and I created a photography business one year ago. I financed my first camera to create small video clips of my before and after haircuts. My camera created opportunities for me.

      What's your typical day like?
      I always try to make my days productive. If I'm not busy with haircuts, I'm occupied putting videos or pictures together. I'm always busy on weekends with cuts and start at 8:00am until people stop coming. My latest appointment was around 3:45am.


      Photo Credit: Victor Mendoza

      Which hairstyles are your favorite to cut?
      My favorite hairstyle would be the V-cut Fade. I like when people challenge me with designs or a new style.

      What's something people may not know about barbers that you wish they did?
      Barbers in the Middle Ages actually performed surgery and did tooth extractions. They played an important role in history.

      What's something about men's hair that people may not know?
      It's all about genetics.

      Photo Credit: Victor Mendoza

      What is a common question/request you receive from hair clients?
      The most common question I get from clients is "What product should I use?" I solve it by introducing each Agadir Men product, show how it works, and explain that Argan Oil is healthier for hair.

      Which Agadir Men show has been your favorite to attend and shoot?
      The Premiere Orlando was definitely a great experience. It was my first time traveling and meeting top barbers who inspired me and made me feel that this is my field. Doing photoshoots of my mentors showcasing made me realize that can be me in the future.


      What do you like most about attending shows with Agadir Men?
      What I like most about attending shows with Agadir Men is learning how dedicated the company is and the communication skills it takes to represent the product. Opportunities are everywhere; if you don't get them, create them.


      Photo Credit: Victor Mendoza


      Which Agadir Men product is your favorite?
      The Oud Wood Fiber Texturizer because I use it for a medium hold. Also the Oud Wood Beard Oil before cutting the hair makes it softer to cut. The Hair & Body Wash is another favorite because has an Oud Wood fragrance that lasts.

      Which Agadir Men product is the most popular with your clients?
      The Oud Wood Grooming Créme is the most popular among my clients because of the shiny and soft touch --especially the fragrance. The Oud Wood Beard Butter is another good one that can also be used as the Grooming Créme.


      Do you have any advice for future aspiring barbers?
      Believe in yourself and don't be afraid to make mistakes, learn from them. Stay consistent, stay humble and good things always come to those who give positive energy. Always thank your supporters.

      Thank you for sharing your inspiring story with us Victor. We look forward to what the future has in store for you.

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