5 Steps to Properly Apply Argan Oil to Hair

5 Steps to Properly Apply Argan Oil to Hair

Our best seller and signature Argan Oil Hair Treatment contains 100% pure and certified Argan Oil. The alcohol-free formula eliminates itchy scalps by repairing dry and frizzy hair. 

Here's five steps to properly apply and style hair in your daily routine.



Step 1: After showering with damp hair, apply two drops to the palm of your hands and rub together. 


Step 2: Apply the Argan Oil Hair Treatment generously throughout the hair from root to tip. 


Step 3: Grab your handy dandy blow dryer, and dry the hair completely throughout. 


Step 4: Add one last drop into the palms of your hand and rub together first. Then apply to the entire hair again from root to tip to prevent frizz and flyaways. Bonus tip..this products cuts drying time 40-50%! 


Step 5: Slay the day away with your gorgeous healthy hair! 



This leave-in daily hair treatment is super enriched with vitamin E that leaves hair with radiant shine. It isn't oily or greasy but gives great control manageability. 


For the full tutorial, watch our video below:



-Agadir International