Stylist Spotlight: Alicia Beatriz

Stylist Spotlight: Alicia Beatriz

Photo Courtesy: T.J. Taylor Hanzo

All the way from sunny California, we sat down with hair stylist and makeup guru, Alicia Beatriz, to learn more about her journey, hair care tips, and how hard work and dedication is the key to her success.

Here's what we found out.


    How long have you been a hair stylist?

      I've been licensed for 15 years. I started off at a salon very similar to a Supercuts and Great Clips. That landed me as an assistant manager and eventually a manager --until the salon closed unfortunately. From there I ventured out to the medical field, but the void of creating was never filled.

      Although it was fun, I always found myself doing my resident's hair and makeup. It was a plus being able to still make people feel good, especially those who could no longer care for themselves. I eventually got a job offer and it landed me full-time back in the hair industry. I couldn't be more thankful and I feel so blessed to be given this opportunity.

        What inspired you to get into the industry?

          I'm from a very small town in Orange Cove, CA, with very few salons. My mom would go to the salon and I would often accompany her -- that's when I became fascinated. I would visit the salon owner, watch her do hair, and she told me how it was back in the days when she went to beauty school. This is when I decided I wanted to do hair. She always encouraged me and I'm thankful for that.

          Video Credit: Alicia Beatriz

            How did you become a hair stylist?

              It's an interesting story. When I went to beauty school, I didn't know how to drive and it was located in Selma, CA-- about 20 miles from Orange Cove, CA. I had to decide how was I going to get there along with sacrifices as I was a young mother. I enrolled and was accepted into Lawrence and Company College of Cosmetology.

              I had to wake up at 5:00am to get myself and my child ready. From there, I took the bus from Orange Cove to Selma everyday. I would arrive at the school before it even opened at 6:00am, so I would hang out at a local restaurant, wait for school to open, and my day would start. After school was the same routine in waiting for the bus and arriving home in time for dinner.

              I absolutely loved school and learning because it was a hands-on experience.


                Which hairstyles are your favorite to create?

                  I definitely love creating blondes. Brunettes I don't do so often, but I love me a good rich brunette. I also like braiding and love a vintage look.

                  Photo Courtesy: Alicia Beatriz


                    Which Agadir International product is your favorite?

                      I am obsessed with the Argan Oil Spray Treatment! I always have it in the pocket of my apron and use it on everyone.

                        Which Agadir International product is the most popular with your clients?

                          Definitely the Argan Oil Spray Treatment. My clients love the smell and then when we go into the conversation about its benefits and how great it works. They are sold!

                            What's something about women's hair that people may not know?

                              Always protect it. People don't realize what a huge difference hair products make.

                                Do you have any advice for future aspiring stylists?

                                  Never give up! Dream big and always cheer yourself on. Although there may be some stylists who are better, always remember it was trial and error for them too. Always be willing to learn new things because it's always through experience. Believe in yourself and the rest will be history.

                                  Video Credit: Alicia Beatriz

                                  Thank you for sharing your story with us Alicia, your dedication and journey are both inspiring.

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