How do you reuse your empties?

How do you reuse your empties?

We love watching empties videos as much as anyone else and for Earth Day this year, we decided to UPCYCLE ours.

We asked our team around the office if they have used their packaging in any non-traditional ways and one way stood out the most.


One of the simplest yet functional ideas came from one of our resident beauty junkies who repurposed her Agadir Travel Set packaging for her makeup bag. She's kept it handy in her purse for over a year (no, really!) and loves the clear packaging so she can quickly find what she's looking for.


How do you reuse your product empties?


Even if you're not upcycling or reusing any products, please remember to recycle! Every package counts when it comes to keeping plastics out of landfills and the ocean.


» Check out how we used our Agadir MEN Fiber texturizer packaging here.

Happy Earth Day!

<3 Team Agadir