Everyday Hair Activities That Are Wreaking Havoc on Your Hair

Everyday Hair Activities That Are Wreaking Havoc on Your Hair

It all starts with wet hair --- your hair is at it's weakest and most vulnerable state when it's wet. Not taking the proper precautions when your hair is wet can cause a lot of unnecessary damage and you could be doing it every day.



Using a towel not made for wet hair

This might sound silly, aren't all towels for hair? Not exactly. A lot of towels are actually rough on your hair, can break the hair shaft, and create a harsh pull on your roots. Invest in a hair towel that is going to take the best care of your precious locks and speed up the hair drying process.


A hair towel that we're currently into is from Aquis.

Photo Source: @aquishair


Using a brush on wet hair

You should only be using a wide tooth comb on wet hair! Get ours here. If you're applying a hair mask in the shower, comb it through your ends with one of these combs to saturate the hair with the mask.

Heat Styling Towel Dried Hair

This is a no-no. Your hair must be fully blow dried or air dried before you begin to use any heated tools on it (be careful even with the blow dryer and try not to use the hottest setting). If you've ever seen steam on your locks when using heat tools, you're doing damage. Make sure you're thoroughly drying your hair from root to tips before using a flat or curling iron.


Wearing up-do's or pony tails TOO often

They're convenient but tight pony tails and buns create a lot of pull on your roots and scalp. You could be prematurely pulling your hair out and provoking a receding hairline. Try wearing your hair down more often and if you must put it up, perfect your loose bun technique.

Watch the hair tutorial below from Missy Sue showing 3 different messy bun styles. These are the perfect "I woke up like this" chic yet effortless styles for lazy hair days.

3 Easy Messy Buns | Missy Sue

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