Argan Oil Benefits: 10 Unique Uses

Argan Oil Benefits: 10 Unique Uses

Argan oil is best known for haircare and skincare treatment. However, there are different ways to apply that you may not know.

1.) Preventing wrinkles:

It's very common with Moroccan women to rub Argan oil on their stomachs for pregnancy stretch marks. Argan oil has fatty acids that fight the damage of stretched skin by improving elasticity and supporting the collagen fibers beneath the skin.


2.) Henna conserving:

Add a few drop of Argan oil once your Henna design is dry, in order to darken the color and make the color last longer.

3.) Massage routine:

Simply rub some argan oil onto your skin and begin your massage to prevent skin friction/irritation.

4.) Beard care:

Men can use Argan oil too! It's a great formula for softening and silking texturized/coarse beards and prevent dry damage.

5.) Foot, hand, and nail treatment:

Rub the oil onto your cuticles and cracked heels. Argan oil acts as a deep moisturizing treatment that will prevent dryness and breakage to help grow strong nails and skin. As a cuticle moisturizer, Argan oil contains Vitamin E which helps prevent fungal infections and hangnails.

6.) Glowing DIY natural tan:

Mix the oil with your tinted moisturizer that includes SPF in order to protect and shine your skin at the same time.


7.) Skin mask:

Argan oil is rich in oleic and linoleic acids, and a high amount of tocopherol content, which separates from other acid-rich oils. Create a DIY face mask by mixing with brown sugar to create an exfoliant formula.

8.) Lip scrub:

Mix with brown sugar like the DIY Argan oil skin mask found in our latest blog post. Use it as exfoliant onto your lips to keep them soft and moisturized.

9.) Beach wavy hair:

Spray desired amount into damp hair and allow to air dry or with a blow dryer for faster results.

10.) Itchy/dry scalp treatment:

Apply the oil to the roots of your hair downwards to get rid of flakes and frizz, while smoothing and sealing the hairs' surface.



This all-natural oil is not only beneficial, but it's versatile to haircare and skincare routine.