Argan Oil Benefits: 10 Everyday Uses

Argan Oil Benefits: 10 Everyday Uses

Argan oil has been around for many years, but it's now the "Wonder Oil" of the 21st Century.

It's been long used as a medicine and staple in the cuisine of the Berbers of North Africa, and has many recently discovered uses.
From hair, skin, and beauty treatments, there are everyday uses for Argan Oil that you may not know.

    1.) Razor burn relief:

    Argan oil has anti-inflammatory properties to cool irritation and acts as a great after-shave solution.

    2.) Sunburn relief:

    With its' soothing vitamin E, Argan oil makes a great sun recovery formula. It soothes the pain and even speeds up the healing process with sunburnt skin.

    3.) Acne/Acne scar remedy:

    Argan oil has high linoleic acid content which helps reduce inflammation caused by acne, rashes, infections, and even bug bites. It also reduces the redness of acne and scarring while soothing damaged skin cells.

    4.) Hair color protection:

    This color preserving oil keeps hair looking vibrant, even after several shampoos. It has an anti-fade formula keeps hair color lasting long.

    Split-end repair:

    Argan oil coats the hair shaft which seals in the moisture and prevents damaged ends.

    Anti-frizz serum:

    On frizzy hair, it will fill, repair, smoothe and resurface the hair shaft for easy manageability.

    7.) Heat protectant:

    Argan oil is lightweight and enters the hair shaft instantly which protects hair from all heat appliances.

    It's filled with antioxidants, vitamin E, and keratin protein to repair split ends and tame frizzy hair.


    8.) Hair growth:

    It's a light and dry oil that strengthens your hair while adding moisture vitamins, and a protective layer to the hair shaft for all hair types. Our alcohol-free and lightweight formula gives curls and waves natural, long lasting movement while adding shine and strength.

    9.) Leave-in conditioner

    Since Argan oil is alcohol-free, it gives hair that silky and soft feel, while smoothing and taming split ends.

    10.) Body moisturizer:

    Simply add a few drops to your skin to moisturize the whole body.

    Argan oil has natural ingredients in comparison to the common chemicals found in most body lotions.

    Argan oil has been proven to have versatile qualities that can be used even outside of haircare and skincare routines.