Agadir Men: What is Oud Wood?

Agadir Men: What is Oud Wood?

The musk, the myth, the legend!

The Origins of Oud Wood

Native to the dense woods of South East Asia, the distinct fragrance of Oud Wood is the result of a mold infection that affects Aquilaria trees. The trees that were once odorless, become more and more fragrant as their mold infection progresses. The tree mold creates a stronger musk after years of growing and overtaking the tree bark. 

In wood form, OUD is commonly used as incence and is widely recognized for it's fragrant aroma. To be used as a fragrance or oil, Oud is extracted from the wood through 3 popular methods.


3 Oud extraction methods:

  1. Steam Distillation - burning wood chips
  2. Extraction with CO2 - Concentrated Carbon Dioxide pressure is applied to the wood to force oud to be extracted from the wood.
  3. Water Soaking - for 3 months, oud wood is soaked in water then cooked in large sills. The heat forces the oud oil to float to the top of the water.


A scent with many names...

Oud wood is also known as Agarwood or Aloeswood.

Other common Oud Wood uses:

  • Perfume or Cologne - the strong scent is known to linger on the skin for up to 15 hours
  • Meditation and medicinal Ayurvedic practices

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