Agadir Launches Argan Oil Hand Sanitizer

Agadir Launches Argan Oil Hand Sanitizer

Making sure our customers are safe during this time is crucial now more than ever. However, frequent hand sanitation can lead to dry skin and cracking. We've added our signature Argan oil to not only moisturize your hands, but it's fragrance free on all common surfaces. 

The micro mist sprays for easy, convenient, and covers large areas. Also applicable to your hands for extra protection. 

Our formula is 80% alcohol which exceeds CDC guidelines in addition to the CDC and WHO recommend Hydrogen Peroxide to be used as part of the formula.

Here's a list of additional applications:

• Computer Keyboards
• Shopping Carts
• Door Handles
• Steering Wheels
• Airplane Travel
• Remote Controls
• Gym equipment & many other uses!


Have further questions? We're more than happy to help through our Contact Us page. Thank you for reading.