The New Hemp & Red Wine Collection!

The New Hemp & Red Wine Collection!

Agadir International Introduces the New

Hemp & Red Wine Collection!

For the First time ever the science of FiberHance™ Strengthening Technology combined with natural phytonutrients of plant-based ingredients to bring you the ultimate reparative, strengthening and nourishing, professional hair care line. We're merging natural healthy and healing plant-based ingredients with fiberhance strength to deliver unparalleled strong healthy manageable hair.

Our formula is made of three key ingredients:

  • Hemp Seed Oil

  • Red Wine Extract (Resveratrol)

  • FiberHance™ - Strengthening Technology

Benefits of Hemp:
The health benefits of Hemp Seed Oil comes from its' excellent ratio of omega-6 to omega-2 which are needed in stimulating hair growth. It help rebalance the moisture level of the scalp and hair to smooth the hair's surface and prevent dehydration. This ingredient makes hair look shinier and stronger by improving the health of the hair follicles to prevent hair loss. For healthy hair, some amount of moisture must be introduced and maintained. Hemp oil prevents water loss by injecting moisture into the hair and scalp. In addition, it is easily absorbed by the scalp and hair, so it deosn't get sticky and leave a mess.

Benefits of Red Wine:
Red Wine Resveratrol is a stilbenoid which is a natural Polyphenol that is 20 times more powerful than Vitamin C and 50 times more powerful than Vitamin E. Resveratrol helps grow Keratin which prevents the degradation of hair protein. It protects the scalp and hair from free radicals and helps make hair color more vibrant and alive by restoring strength, luster, and shine. Because of the ultrahigh levels of polyphenols, this property combats the aging and cellular breakdown of healthy cells by removing and stopping free radicals from damaging cell membranes and attacking proteins. Since red wine contains bioflavonoids, this ingredient helps in the growth of Keratin and prevents degredation of hair protein.

Benefits of FiberHance:
Fiberhance is a bond multiplier for hair strengthening. It revolves from glucose-based chemistry and has a unique multifaceted mode of action, which helps penetrate deep into the cortex. This creates new hydrogen and ionic bonds which supports the damaged internal keratin structure to strengthen and provide manageability back to the hair.


What is FiberHance?

The a-helix protein structure in the hair fiber is what provides strength to the hair. In weak hair, the bonds are broken and missing. FiberHance BM solution is a small molecule in which the chemical structure and dimensions have been specifically designed to optimize multi-bond interactions within the hair keratin cortex. This builds new bonds with an dacross the hair structure because they're dual mechanisms!

Our new Hemp & Red Wine collection includes:

Stay tuned for more announcements coming soon!