The Importance of Sulfate Free Hair Products

The Importance of Sulfate Free Hair Products

Mary TedescoNovember 22, 2016

All of our Agadir Argan Oil products are SULFATE FREE but what does this mean and why is it important?


Sulfates are normally used in less expensive products

Often times, the amount of money spent on hair products translates to the quality of the product you're receiving. This can in turn cause a lot of damage to your hair and skin down the line since inexpensive Shampoos use harsh Sulfates because 1.) it's cheaper for the manufacturer and 2.) it gets the job done. If you're allergic to Sulfates however, which a lot of people are, you're more inclined to see immediate irritation of the scalp and neck after one use.



Sulfates are harsh on your hair

Some people can tolerate Sulfates but why should you have to? Sulfates are detergents that are used in a wide variety of cleaning and personal care products. Their job is to quickly break down any dirt and oils on your hair or skin. While this sounds like the right solution for getting clean, Sulfates can actually be really harsh on your skin and hair.


Think about it, would you use dish soap to clean your hair?
Most likely, not but if you're not checking the ingredients list on your products and are using products with Sulfates, you're using products with the same formula that is entrusted to clean your kitchen.



Sulfates cause Hair Color Fading

If you color your hair, you'll experience quicker color fading with Sulfates. The cleaning agent will strip your hair cuticles of the color that you probably paid a lot for. The quicker the color fade = the more frequent need to color hair again. The hair coloring process is already harsh on your hair so why not protect your investment and hair health by extending your color?



Sulfates Dry Out your Hair

The true test of your hair care products is how your hair feels 24 hours after you wash/condition it. If you're hair is dry the next day, the products you use aren't for your hair type. If your hair is dry after using conditioner then you're really not getting the conditioning you need.



Long term use of Sulfates can cause Health Issues

Sulfates have been linked to organ toxicity and skin irritation. They're safe in small doses but if you're using them for years, that time adds up.


Ditch the Sulfates and stick with Sulfate Free products to cleanse your hair and scalp.