Modern Salon: 3 Hemp & Red Wine Hairstyles

Modern Salon: 3 Hemp & Red Wine Hairstyles

Want a new look for the upcoming holidays?

Check out Alison Valsalmis from Modern Salon who demonstrates three different tutorial looks featuring Agadir's newest Hemp & Red Wine Collection:

1.) Vintage Up-Do

Products featured: Liquid Mousse.

1.) Apply Liquid Mousse to the top section of the hair.

2.) Set back hair with a blow dryer.

3.) Back comb the hair and blow dry again.

4.) Section the top half of the hair.

5.) Add a tiny ponytail on the bottom half of the hair. Tease for extra volume.

6.) Roll & secure the ponytail.

7.) Smooth the first side over and secure with pins. Apply for the other side.

8.) Wrap the top-half of the hair around.

2.) Infinity Braid Ponytail

Products featured: Strengthening Serum &
Gloss Spray Treatment.

1.) Apply Strengthening Serum throughout the hair to smooth flyaways.

2.) Start with an infinity braid at the top section of the hair and braid downwards to about halfway.

3.) Curl the bottom half of the ponytail.

4.) Add shine with Gloss Spray Treatment.

3.) Glass Hair

Products featured: Moisturizing Shampoo & Conditioner, Deep Repair Masque & Strengthening Serum.

1.) Wash and condition hair.

2.) Apply the Deep Repair Masque.

3.) Add Strengthening Serum from the mid-shaft to the hair ends.

4.) Section wet hair and blow dry into sections from the bottom upwards. Alternate with cooler air settings to keep the hairstyle in place.

We're loving these holiday inspired hairstyles! Give the gift of hair care products with only plant-based ingredients to see the difference.