Mermaids, Unicorns and... Granny's? OH MY!

Mermaids, Unicorns and... Granny's? OH MY!



There's no doubt that celebrities are taking more risks with their hair colors this year. Mermaids, unicorns and granny's are on the rise - in hair trends that is!

Georgia May Jagger

Photo Credits: @georgiamayjagger//Instagram

Georgia May Jagger has been rocking her unicorn hair for months. Her color is what unicorn dreams are made of!

Gwen Stefani

Photo Credits: @gwenstefani//Instagram

Gwen Stefani took a short break from her fully platinum locks and added some blue and black color. We likey!

Kelly Ripa

Photo Credits: @kellyripa//Instagram

Kelly Ripa took a lot of hair risks this year and they paid off! Her deeply colored hair looked amazing as both blue and pink! #hairgoals


Lily Allen

Photo Credits: @lilyallen//Instagram

Lily Allen's purple locks are fun, bold and beautful! Whether she's rocking short classy curls or intricate heart shaped braids.


Dascha Polanco

Photo Credits: @sheisdash//Instagram

Dascha Polanco embraced the "granny" hair trend with her dark silver locks. She also took on the pink and looks just as amazing with long, sleek hair as she does with shorter, curled pink hair!

Tyra Banks

Photo Credits: @tyrabanks//Instagram

Tyra Banks added pink highlights to her long wavy hair and looks amazing! Go pink!


Ruby Rose

Photo Credits: @rubyrose//Instagram

We didn't know we could love Ruby Rose's style even more. She already had envy-worthy short side-sleeked asymmetrical hair but GREEN?! SLAYY MERMAID, SLAYY!

Nicole Richie

Photo Credits: @nicolerichie//Instagram

Never shy from the camera or hair risks, Nicole Richie gives us life with her bold and unapologetic colors! Whether her hair is lobbed and wavy or pulled back and pink, she rocks it in a classy way.


Lily Collins

Photo Credits: @lilyjcollins//Instagram

Lily Collins is rocking fun and fresh dark pink locks. Her wavy lob is the epitome of what's trending this summer!

These fun colorful hair trends are exciting to try out but if you're making the color commitment yourself, be sure to take care of your locks with the best products!