Hemp & Red Wine: Strengthening Serum

Hemp & Red Wine: Strengthening Serum

Today's Hemp & Red Wine product spotlight is on our new Strengthening Serum. This formula is a medium weight serum with FiberHance™ that makes hair three times stronger. It's enhanced with plant-based Phytonutrients (Hemp Seed Oil & Red Wine Extract) which nourishes, repairs, and restores strength back into the hair. It also adds elasticity to dry, damaged, and frizzy hair. A bonus feature of this serum is that it's also a heat protectant against all heat styling appliances.

We combined the science of FiberHance™ Strengthening Tecnhology with natural phytonutrients of plant-based ingrendients to bring you the ultimate reparative, strengthening, and nourshing professional hair care line.

Exhilarate your hair.