Hemp & Red Wine: Moisturizing Conditioner

Hemp & Red Wine: Moisturizing Conditioner

Agadir International's new Hemp & Red Wine collection also includes Moisturizing Conditioner. Our formula contains no sulfates, parabens, alcohol, or dyes -- giving you all the healthy and natural ingredients for your hair. This product detangles, smoothes, shines, and hydrates the hair strands. Without stripping color, it repairs the hair with its nourishing properties.

This product is nature and science at its best. Infused with Hemp Seed Oil and Red Wine Extract (Resveratrol), it detangles, smoothes and reduces frizz. Plus, revolutionary FiberHance™ Strengthening Technology repairs hair from the inside out, making hair three times stronger. Enhanced with plant-based Phytonutrients, it nourishes and reconstructs. Leaves you with voluminous, moisture rich hair.

Exhilarate your hair.