Hemp & Red Wine: Liquid Mousse

Hemp & Red Wine: Liquid Mousse

Today's spotlight from our new Hemp & Red Wine collection is the Liquid Mousse. This product sprays on firm control and works instantly. Say goodbye to waiting for a messy and sticky foam to dissipate. It is also a styling lotion giving longer lasting natural styles with body.

It contains procystenol, protein, cystine, panthenol, which encourages healthy hair growth. Since our product formula contains no alcohol, propellant, detergent, sulfates, parabens, or dyes, we make sure to give you nothing but beneficial ingredients for your hair. This product gives volume, manageability, and shine.

The FiberHance™ - Strengthening Technology makes hair three times as strong with enhanced plant-based ingredients of Hemp Seed Oil and Red Wine Extract (Resveratrol). It's also a heat protectant for maximum defense against heat appliances. Available in both 8oz. and 2oz. bottles.

Exhilarate your hair.