Autumn Hair Care Tips

Autumn Hair Care Tips


As the weather changes, you'll notice that your hair changes too. As the air gets less humid and more dry, you'll notice your hair might start to feel a little drier than it did before. It's important to use a few preventative measures to scale back on hair damage during this season and to make the transition to winter less harsh on your hair.

Limit the time it takes to blow dry your hair

The longer you go, the more damage you'll do. Try air-drying or gently towel drying your hair before going in with the blow dryer. You'll limit the heat damage done if you stick to a Medium heat setting also. Use a blow dry brush for quicker and better results than a paddle brush.



Use heat protector products

This is incredibly important since it's more likely that you will be blow drying your hair more often as it gets colder.



Don't skip a haircut

Your hair probably spent a lot of time outside or in the sun this summer and will need some T-L-C. Before winter starts, take the time to get your ends trimmed and even freshen up your color if you're feeling adventurous.


Start a weekly Hair / Spa Ritual

Plan a day, sundays are usually easiest, to prepare for the upcoming week with a relaxing hot bath, an amazing hair mask, and incorporate a solid skincare routine to create a relaxing spa experience at home. Light some candles, make some cucumber or lemon water, and enjoy.


Explore some Cideries instead of Wineries

Yes, autumn is the season for wineries but all that alcohol has the potential to dehyrdate you, and then your hair. Cideries are popping up all over and are a great alternative, and usually a lot lower in alcohol content.



Resist the urge to drink Seasonal Latte's, every day.

There's a lot of sugar in the PSL, along with a lot of other seasonal favorites and it won't do your hair (or skin!) any favors. Slow down your intake or switch out some of the ingredients to reduce the sugar, not to mention the calories!