Argan Oil for Cooking: Cosmetic vs. Cooking

Argan Oil for Cooking: Cosmetic vs. Cooking

There are two different types of Argan Oil: Cooking and Cosmetic.

Argan oil isn't just used for haircare and skincare, but it can be found in many culinary cuisines. From its' birthplace of Morocco and only found in the Argan trees, this extraordinary oil is rare, similar to truffle oil. The Argan tree produces fruit. All done by hand, they're harvested, shelled, and cracked to collect its' kernels. The famous oil then comes from the kernels after they're cold-pressed.

What's the difference between cooking and cosmetic Argan oil?
Cosmetic Argan oil comes from unroasted kernels and cooking Argan oil is always roasted. This is because of the very rich and nuttly flavor

What type of meals can you use Argan oil with?
It's best used for drizzling over dishes, salad greens, and even ice cream!

Thanks to food blog, Culinary Argan Oil, they share some recipes you can use for everyday meals found in your kitchen.

Photo Credit: Culinary Argan Oil


1.) Flaked almonds

2.) Honey

3.) Argan Oil

4.) Vanilla ice cream


1.) Lightly roast the almonds with a frying pan.

2.) Add the amount of ice cream you want into a bowl.

3.) Spring a generous amount of almonds over the ice cream.

4.) Add a tablespoon of culinary Argan oil.

5.) Add some honey to taste.

Argan oil has been shown to improve your overall health. It's a natural antioxidant that helps with digestion, the immune system, and is rich in Vitamin E. It is an amazing resource that's so versatile for beauty and self-care. To read more of their recipes, click here.