3 Surprising Benefits of Argan Oil at the Beach

3 Surprising Benefits of Argan Oil at the Beach


Sunnies? Check! Sunblock? Check! Argan Oil? CHECK!


photo by @arganint via Instagram



Argan Oil is a multi-tasking hero! Here are 3 reasons you need to bring Argan Oil with you to the beach this summer.

  1. Heal dry skin. We all get dry at the beach. The sun is hot and the sand can feel like molten lava at times. Bring your Argan Oil to moisturize any dry spots that need some extra attention.

  2. Exfoliate. Turn your beach day into a spa day by mixing Argan Oil with sand to create an exfoliant. Feel free to wash it off in the ocean! If you don't mind the salty taste, you can make your own lip scrub by mixing Argan Oil and sand – free those flaky lips!

  3. Protect your hair. Oil and water are natural repellants so pre-treating your hair with Argan Oil can help minimize damage from saltwater. Argan Oil also naturally protects hair from harmful UV rays and can reduce damage and color fading.


Skin and hair damage can happen quickly at the beach - protect your skin with sunblock and your hair with Argan Oil this summer. Searching for the best Argan Oil? At Agadir International, we infuse 100% pure Argan Oil in our products. Shop our products by clicking below!